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Some exciting things are happening at Zion as we begin 2020! We believe the Lord is leading us to find a Youth Pastor and an organist. Continue to pray on these matters as we seek God's direction and guidance. 
We have now received some good applications for both positions, especially the youth pastor. We need people for a committee to evaluate and interview the candidates, so prayerfully consider if God is calling you for this purpose. 
Our special offering on Sundays in January is for the Zion Hammers. The Hammers are keeping busy doing a variety of small repair work projects around the area, and they are doing a terrific job. They are especially geting a lot of work from Shelby Senior Services. See Marvin Kuhn or Paul Haehl if you are interested in serving in this great ministry. 
We continue to look for ways to help with Shelby Senior Services. Our Christmas outreach to one of their families was very well received. In the words of Buffy Powers from SSS, "This family was overwhelmed with grateful hearts. Grandmother was in full tears. Thanks for being the hands and feat of Jesus." What a blessing for us to serve such a loving God and in such a loving congregation!
Our other ministries continue as well, including Bread & Blessing meals, Hymnsing at Waldron Nursing Home, monthly (2nd Sunday) services at Ashford Place nursing home, and Good News Club (which resumes in March). Please consider using your spiritual gifts to share God's love with our community!
                January 26, 2020
         3rd Sunday of Epiphany
Zion Evangelical Church is affiliated with the Evangelical Association. You can learn more about the EA by clicking here. Our decision to leave the United Church of Christ after 50+ years was not an easy one, but we believed it was important and necessary for the continued growth of our congregation. Pastor Brad explains more about our decision to leave the UCC in this short video

For more information regarding what Zion Evangelical Church believes, read our Statement of Faith by clicking on the image below:

We welcome you to Zion Evangelical Church in Shelbyville, Indiana! Here, we try to model the love of God as found in 1 John 4: 10-11, "This is love; not that we loved God, but that He loved us ... dear friends, since God so loved us, we ought to love one another." I encourage you to come and visit and see that love in action--love for God, love for one another, and love for the broken and hurting in our community. There is information on our site about services, directions, mission opportunities, and contact information. Check us out and feel free to contact me at any time. 

Brad Schultz


        Prayer Requests


For John Kuhn, recovering at home following





For Betty Benson, Judy Kuhn's mother, 

recovering from a broken leg.


For Nancy Benson, Judy's sister-in-law, having

continuing difficulties with stomach cancer. 



For friends and family of Martha Spaulding,



who recently passed away. 


For Tina Reese, at home under hospice care.

For Louise Isley, back at Ashford Place after time

in the hospital. 

For Joy Dickson, who is struggling with family



and money problems. 




For Becky's daughter Jocelyn, who gave birth 


recently to Maleyah Christine!

For Lindsey Lower, with health concerns. 



For family and friends of Kathy Wright after

her passing.  

For Claron Cassidy, recovering from a broken hip

at Cypress Run in Morristown (Room 707). 



For the family of Harold Britt, including sister 

Linda Long, after his passing. 




For Curtis Lower and his family after the death

of his grandmother Jackie. 




For family and friends of Dwain Laird, who 

passed away at Waldron Nursing Home. 




For Ziviah Hernandez, after heart surgery. 

For family and friends of Preston Karns, who 

passed away recently. 


For Betty Stohry's son-in-law Doug Lueck

recovering from a recent heart attack. 



For Joan Patrick, who is suffering with cancer.



For family and friends of Naomi Fuchs, who 

passed away recently. 

For Austin, the young man who stole from our 

church. That God may change his heart and 

open his eyes to the Truth. 

For Curtis Lower, who has a broken hand. 

For Debbie Ryhal, with a broken foot and hand. 


For Harriet Schmid, at home with health 


For Kathleen W., a friend of pastor Brad's,

recovering from cancer surgey. 




For Tony B. Neeb, a friend of Martha Keller,

who is currently in the Shelby Co. jail with 

addiction issues. 




For Victor Oveida, a friend of Judy's 

Sprengelmeyer, who recently had a bad fall. 




For the family of Al Currens, who recently 

passed away. 



For the Hernandez family and their newborn

daughter who requires additional medical care.

For family and friends of  Dale Hoban,


who recently passed away. 

For David Benson, Judy's brother, with 

health issues. 

For John Cawein, recovering from hip

replacement surgery. 

For Ashley Heller, a young women with two 

children who has a brain tumor. 

For Helen Perkins, who has cancer. 

For family and friends of Joyce Bunner, who 

recently passed. 




For Tony Higgins, recovering from several 



health issues.  


For the Wright family after the passing of Mike's

brother John

For Lindsay Lower with health issues. 

For Diane John with pancreatic cancer.

For Al Minnick, with health issues. 

For Jeff Epler, recovering from a stroke. 

For Larry Cassidy's cousin Eric Roebuck, 

recovering from quadruple heart bypass. 

For Emma Plymate recovering from open heart 


For family of friends of Linda Bakes at her 


For Becky Dulworth, undergoing tests and 

blood work. 

For new grandchildren for Debbie/Joe Harker 



and Larry/Patricia Cassidy


For Mike Wright, recovering from a recent heart


For Curtis and Lindsey Lower, for unspecified 


For Gerry and Linda Kuhn, and their son Peter

after the unexpected passing of Peter's wife

Mary Ann. 

For the family and friends of Nancy Crousore

who passed away this spring.  

For Richard Bailey, Martha Keller's son-in-law,


with health issues. 

For Emmett Newkirk, not doing well and now at

Ashford Place in Shelbyville. 

For Steve Kuhn, recoving from shoulder surgery.



For the Lower family over the passing of 

Howard. Howard was the grandfather to Curtis. 

For Louise Isley who requires 24-hour care and

is now at Ashford Place in Shelbyville. 

For Amber Franklin, diagnosed with cancer and

undergoing treatment. 


For Randy Dulworth's friend Mark Pierce, who

needs a liver transplant. 

For Carmelita Gincoletti, at the request of Lynn


For Donna Haehl, recovering from a 

fractured pelvis. 

For the family and friends of Norman Jackman 

over his passing. 

For Emma Jean Plymate, recoving from open

heart surgery. 

For Janet Mohr, niece of Betty Benson, 

with possible breast cancer. 

For Eric Roebuck, a cousin of Larry Cassidy, with

heart issues. 



For Ruth Belzam, Marta Keller's sister-in-law,

with advanced cancer. 

For Jackie Pelfrey, Becky's mother, with heart 




For Steve Veneri and Vicki Reis Miller, both 

friends of Jerry Kuhn.

For Jan Kuhn, wife of Bruce Kuhn, recovering

from brain surgery. 

For Danny Haehl, brother of Nathan, recovering

at home from heart surgery. 


For Kari Barlow Justice, Pastor Barlow's

daughter, going through chemotherapy. 

For Sharon Ellis, cousin of Amelia Perkins, with 

health issues. 


For Kristen Bannister, friends of the Cassidys, going through various health issues. 

For Amie Mandat, daughter of Nathan and Sherrie Haehl, diagnosed with stage-4 breast cancer.

For Elaine Jordan, Pastor Chuck's wife, with 

continuing cancer issues. 

For Liz Kuhn, undergoing testing for possible 

lymphatic cancer. 

For Donna Durbin's brother Steve Holzer, suffering from cancer.

For Shirley Swindle, Randy and Becky's aunt, 

recovering from colon surgery. 

For Brad's father Don, undergoing treatment for lymphoma and difficulty breathing. 

Continuing prayers for:


Our family members serving in the Armed Forces:

               Peter Kuhn, USAF

               Enoch Stohry, USAF

Our missionaries (with links to their work):

                Ner family (Philippines)
                H. family (Israel) 

                Jean-Paul Tiendrebeogo


     Birthdays and Anniversaries

January 28: Allie Kuhn

February 2: Lana Huffman


Welcome to Zion Evangelical 

"Can anything good come from Nazareth?" Nathanael asked. 
"Come and see," said Philip. -- John 1:46
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